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Hazy Sticks


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How To Customize your sticks

Step 1

Visit our custom builder and fill out the survey to fit your needs. Here you can customize colors and engraving options.

Step 2

Allow us 1-2 weeks as we prepare your order in the workshop. All of our products are handmade in our studio in New York's Hudson Valley region.

Step 3

Take them to the course and fix your alignment in style. Be sure to tag @hazysticks on Instagram to show them off.

The perfect training aid

fully customizable.

From engravings, a diverse color palette, and special orders our workshop offers a full range of customization options to fit your needs.

Made in the usa

The perfect gift for golfers

Trusted by top 100 clubs


Our Story

A Family Affair

At Hazy Golf, we’re all about family. All hands involved are either close friends or family members. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. All employees have strong ethics in mind for you, the consumer when building your products.

From the 845

Ninety miles south of Albany and sixty miles morth of New York City lies Newburgh, NY (845). A city known for its hustle and hard work and where Hazy Golf was born. At Hazy Golf, we are dedicated to making high quality products for the modern golfer.


Our vision has gone past a place where we never thought possible. With that said, we’re only looking forward. Growing our business authentically is still our number one concern. Our growth has come through you, the consumer. We rely on product engagement through word of mouth experiences.