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What are golf alignment sticks?

Simply put, alignment sticks help with ones alignment. They are a training aid for golfers who, when practicing, can visually see where they’re hitting the ball. When standing over the ball prior to a shot, our eyes tend to adjust our vision of where we think the ball is going to go versus where it actually goes.

What are Hazy Sticks made of?

Hazy Sticks golf alignment sticks are made of 100% hickory wood.

What is the length, diameter and weight of each alignment stick?

Each stick is 45” long and 3/8” thick. Each stick weighs around 2 ounces. 

How durable are Hazy Sticks?

Hickory is one of the stronger woods on the hardness scale. However, just like any wood, if hit hard enough it can break.

Can Hazy Sticks warp?

Just like any wood product, there is a possibility of warping over time. It’s best to keep them dry if possible and to not have them sit in an area where the climate often changes (ex. a car). With that said, we try to reduce the possibility of warping by coating each stick with a high quality clear coat finish.